Lycée la liberté d'Alexandrie
Arabic  – Full Command Written & Spoken (Mother Tongue)
English – Full Command Written & Spoken
Other  – Fair Comprehension of written French & Spanish Languages

Alexandria University – Alexandria, Egypt – May 2001
B.Sc. in Business AdministrationFaculty of Commerce (English Language Department)
Al Jazeera Training & Development Center – Doha, Qatar
Sports Programs Production – Robin Dylan Hewer, Thompson Reuters
The Art of Talk Shows – Ahmed Mansour, Al Jazeera Network
TV Journalism & Field Reporting – Mohamed Al Borini, Al Jazeera Network
Writing TV Reports – Assef Hamidi, Al Jazeera Network

Vocal Placement & Elocution Skills – Loqman Hammam, Al Jazeera Network 

College of Public Speaking, London, United Kingdom
Public Speaking Skills – Vince Stevenson, College of Public Speaking

Lycée La Liberté d'Alexandrie – Alexandria, Egypt – June 1995
High School Degree – English Language Section